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​Vocas was perfect on all fronts

9 months ago

Vocas was perfect on all fronts. Tom Curran - Emmy award-winner director of photography and filmmaker

Vocas base plate

Since the release of the Canon C300 camera I have struggled with one significant issue: How to make the C300 into a shoulder mount documentary style camera that can quickly move off a tripod to handheld shooting. Vocas has finally solved this problem with their base plate.

This base plate was designed with another camera in mind but I’ve found tremendous success incorporating it with my C300’s. The build like all Vocas productions is superb and light-weight. This base plate is a pound lighter then other base plates I have used in the past but equally important the design allows me to easily slide the camera forward or back depending on what lens or who is operating.

My primary handheld lens is Fujinon’s Cabrio 19-90 and the Vocas base plate design provides perfect balance.

My first significant trial run for the Vocas plate was placing two of my C300’s on the second season of Animal Planet’s series “Ice Cold Gold.” Shot in extreme locations through Greenland, the show requires both handheld and tripod work, but mainly demands the lightest possible camera for long treks of hiking.

Vocas was perfect on all fronts. I easily moved from a quick release plate that stayed on the tripod to handheld with a built-in shoulder mount. Rods off the back of the base plate smartly supports the Anton Bauer bracket and battery, sound receiver and video transmitter. The front rosettes allowed for my Vocas wooden handle (that I love) for the left side and extension handle for the right. After months of rain, snow and shooting out of helicopters I can confidently say this system works even when pushed to the extreme. In my opinion Vocas has transformed the C300 into an outstanding shoulder mounted documentary camera for either EF or PL mount lenses.

Tom Curran Director of Photography