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Matte boxes

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Matte boxes

Matte boxes allow you to have complete control over the light that enters the lens of your camera. A matte box also provides space for filters which give infinite ways to enhance and manipulate the image that is recorded.

Vocas matte boxes are developed for the same purpose. But a Vocas matte box has more to offer!

Ever heard of "Vocas eyebrows"? The unique and well-known Vocas matte boxes have externally operated eyebrows to reduce flare. Filming when the sun is shining never was this easy!

And this is not the only unique feature, Vocas matte boxes also have the possibility to support them from the top bars of the camera, which makes it more stable and solid. When using the top rails to support your Vocas matte box, you can freely make adjustments to your Vocas base plate, such as finding the optimal balance point, without having to adjust the matte box in any way.

Obviously all Vocas matte boxes can be mounted on the base plate rails, fixed or with the use of a swing away, but Vocas matte boxes can also be used as clip-on.