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You probably know the brand Vocas since we are on the market for over twenty-five years! For more than twenty-five years we develop and produce innovative high-quality camera accessories in the Netherlands. Our goal? Sell them all over the world!

If you love to work with high-quality products, with an excellent margin, upgrading your companies imago, complementary to your current portfolio, free of service, competitive position, then please fill out the inquiry form and we will contact you.

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Looking for high-quality camera accessories for film and video professionals, based on hands-on experience?

You and your company are striving for the best possible service and to always select the right combination of tools for the job. With the well-known Vocas matte boxes, base plates, focus controllers, shoulder supports, DSLR rigs, wooden handgrips, Sliding and Spider System and other accessories you can enhance and customize any camera equipment.

Your added value is to always think two steps ahead to invent solutions where your competition stops. 

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