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Vocas matte box update

Vocas matte box update
1 years ago

Vocas updated their matte boxes MB-215, MB-255 and MB-435! Starting today the new Vocas matte boxes MB-216,, MB-256 and MB-436 are available. The main differences between the previous models and their successors are top bar mount and the fact that the MB-216 and MB-256 are now suitable for swing away use.

Vocas matte box MB-216 and MB-256 top bar mount

The big advantage of the matte boxes MB-216 and MB-256 is the new top bars mount! This feature makes it possible to support the matte boxes from the top bars of the camera which make it more stable and solid than using it as a clip on matte box.

Swing away bracket

Additionally both the MB-216 and the MB-256 can now be used with the Vocas swing away adapter (0460-0600). All the advantages of using a swing way bracket, such as quickly switching lenses, are now available for the MB-216 and MB-256!

New Vocas matte box MB-436

Compared to the previous model, Vocas MB-435 matte box, this successor is now also usable on the top bars!

New to all matte boxes

For all the above mentioned matte boxes, MB-216, MB-256, MB-436, the lock mechanisms have been changed. The new locking mechanism makes it easier to adjust the locking strength and prevents the clamper from falling out of the locking mechanism.

Vocas matte box video:

Video matte box update:

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