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Vocas at NAB 2017

Vocas at NAB 2017
1 years ago

Vocas introduces a range of camera specific and brand related items so we can complete any camera this NAB 2017.

The matte box series MB-216, MB-256 and MB-436 are fully upgraded versions which are also usable combined with the 15 mm top bars which are a standard on the Vocas top handgrip. To these top bars you can also mount a top lens mount support which makes life easier when changing the set-up. In addition to all new products you are more than welcome at the Vocas booth C8238 to have a look at all Vocas accessories.

New Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II accessories

At NAB 2017 Vocas likes to show you all the Vocas accessories for the Sony PXW-FS7/FS7 II. In time Vocas developed even more accessories then we started with!

Vocas Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II base plates In addition Vocas developed 3 different base plates specifically for the Sony PXW-FS7 and FS7 II. All base plates have their own unique advantages, you simply have to choose which fits your requirements.

Base plate for Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II

This is the first base plate Vocas developed for the Sony PXW-FS7 and it fits the PXW-FS7 II as well. The base plate is light weight and has an adjustable shoulder pad, two standard rosettes, 15 mm rails in the front and a unique low centre of gravity. For using 15 mm rails at the back, clamping block (0350-2010) is required. (entry price level)

Base plate MKII for Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II NEW

This new base plate (0350-1700) has a new removable and adjustable shoulder pad. When removing the shoulder pad the additional 3 attachment points are accessible. This means the base plate is attached to the camera at 5 separate points, creating an extremely stable connection. (mid price level)

Also new on this base plate are integrated rail holders at the rear of the plate. Additionally the back of this new base plate features a toolless adjustable VCT-14 mushroom lock which eliminates any play.

USBP-15 MKII for Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II NEW

For optimal balancing even with heavy lenses in combination with the Sony PXW-FS7 II camera Vocas advises to use our USBP-15 MKII base plate in combination with a specially developed camera adapter plate for the Sony PXW-FS7 II (0350-2255). This camera shaped adapter plate with its 5-points connection provides the highest stability.

Combining these items the Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II can be a part of the Vocas Sliding System. A dedicated set (0350-2207) for the Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II is also available! The big benefit of using the Vocas Sliding System is the ability to transfer the camera from 15 mm, to 19 mm, to a drone or a tripod in seconds! (top price level)

Body and handgrip rosette adapter for Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II

This standard body rosette (0390-0075) can replace the original Sony body rosette so the original Sony handgrip extender can be rotated 360°. This is especially usefull when placing the camera in a camera case or setting it down on a table. A new adapter (0390-0175) which converts the bayonet of the Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II handgrip to a standard rosette and makes it compatible with a lot of different products such as the handgrip extenders. This allows you to move the handgrip anywhere you want using the Vocas range of extenders!

Viewfinder bracket kit for Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II

Replacing the original Sony viewfinder bracket with a Vocas NATO based viewfinder bracket ensures that your horizon stays level. A must to operate the camera well. Vocas viewfinder bracket kit (0700-0065) which fits both the Sony PXW-FS7 (round) and the new Sony PXW-FS7 II (square) mount.

15 mm Top lens mount adapter support

Lens mount adapters from other brands than Vocas, such as Metabones, sometimes require a support in order to avoid strain on the lens mount of the camera.

In these cases this Vocas 15 mm top lens mount adapter support (0360-0650) can be used. The Vocas top lens mount adapter support works with any lens mount adapter that has a ¼” connection underneath, and prevents damages to the lens mount of the camera, especially when using heavy lenses.

Using the Vocas 15 mm top lens mount adapter support on the top rails gives you more freedom to find the ideal balance point when using base plates from the Vocas Sliding System.

Vocas MFC-6 follow focus system accessories

Vocas added to the MFC-6 follow focus system with its self-adjusting drive arm (!) a new studio knob (0500-1221). The new, much larger, knob makes the use of the MFC-6 system in combination with cine lenses easier. When using the new big MFC-2 / 6 studio knob it is sometimes necessary or more comfortable to place the studio knob further from the lens. In this case the knob extender (0500-1570) is a welcome new accessory.

Vocas upgraded her matte boxes MB-215, MB-255 and MB-435!

The new Vocas matte boxes MB-216, MB-256 and MB-436 are available! The main differences between the previous models and their successors are top bar mount and the fact that the MB-216 and MB-256 are now suitable for swing away use!

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