Matte boxes

Matte boxes allow you to have complete control over the light that enters the lens of your camera. A matte box also provides space for filters which give infinite ways to enhance and manipulate the image that is recorded.

Focus Controller

A manual focus controller will allow you to better operate the focus of a manual focus lens.

Our MFC-1 and MFC-1B Manual Focus Controllers are suited for use with a wide range of lenses.
The MFC-2S follow focus system is compatible with almost any lens and has a vast array of options in configuration and adjustability.

The MFC-6 cine follow focus system has a unique self-adjusting feature that makes sure the follow focus works optimally with any lens.

The MFC-3 follow focus system has no transmission between the knob and the drive gear, this makes it 100% playless. The "F" in MFC-3F follow focus system stands for adjustable friction strength. The integrated friction is adjustable and makes the operation of DSLR lenses also more precise.


Complete kits

complete kit contains the right parts for your specific camera and will eliminate guesswork. All kits serve as a good starting point and can be furter extended with extra accessories.

View all our available kits or find your equipment in our Solutions Finder to see which kits are compatible.



Vocas is offering a wide range of accessories which will allow you to customize your camera setup just the way you like it!

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