Top handgrip Pro


The top handgrip Pro is designed for people who like to have a closed handle so that a sense of extra security and safety is achieved. For example, when wearing gloves. In addition, the closed handle provides additional safety when using a heavy set-up, where the possibility of a hand slipping is eliminated.

In addition to the added security and safety, the handle has many mounting options for ¼" and cold-shoe accessories. A carrying strap can also be attached to the handle.

The top handgrip Pro is a modular system with many possibilities. The core of the system is the closed handle itself. There is a choice when mounting on smaller cameras, such as the Canon EOS C300 (0450-1405), or when mounting on big cameras, such as the Canon EOS C700 (0450-1400). For both applications, various mounting brackets are available.

Alternatively, a choice can be made between a single or multiple handle fixing points. When using a single mounting bracket, the carrying weight reaches 40 kg. With multiple mounting brackets, this increases to 75 kg!

When using a single mounting bracket, a clamping block (0350-2010) can also be mounted so that 15 mm top bars can be used. The clamping blocks are available in 15 and 19 mm. If two mounting brackets are used then two clamping blocks can also be mounted to provide more stability and carrying capacity.

New in this case is the 19 mm dividable clamping block (0450-2010). The 19 mm dividable clamping block designed for the top handgrip Pro can be split into two single 19 mm rod holders. In this way, a single 19 mm rod can be mounted on two mounting brackets (front and rear), whereupon lens motors can be attached.


19 mm Dividable clamping block (0450-2010) in divided action:


Compatibility overview:

 Camera: Cheese plate: 0450-1400 0450-1405 0450-1450 0450-1455 0450-1460 0450-1465
 Canon EOS C200 0350-1320 - - -
 Canon EOS C300 0350-1390 - - -
 Sony PMW-F55 0350-1300 - - -
 Sony PXW-FS7 0350-1361 - - -
 Sony PXW-FS5 0350-1371 - -  
 Arri Alexa Mini 0350-1340 - - -
 Canon EOS C700 - - - -
 Panasonic VariCam 0350-1380 - - -