MB-215 Matte box
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This item is discontinued

This item can't be ordered anymore and is displayed only for historical reasons. Please contact us if you have any questions about this item.

The Vocas MB-215 features a Quick-Lock mounting system that attaches directly to the front lens barrel of 114 mm lenses. If required, this matte box can also be attached to the camera with a 15 mm lightweight support.

This matte box accommodates a 3x3" through a 4x6" filter and works with most wide angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.The Vocas MB-215 has one rotatable 4"X4" filter tray and place for one fixed 4"X4"  filter in the front end of the hood. The MB-215 is wide enough to work on most cameras with wide angle converter without fignetting.

Although the MB-215 can be used as a clip-on matte box, we recommend the use of a barsadapter and a 15 mm matte box support.

Item code: 0200-0215


  • For use with up to 2 filters (1 fully rotatable, 1 fixed).
  • Can be used with any 4" wide filter
  • Fits on lenses up to 114 mm in front diameter.
  • The MB-215 can be used as Clip-on or on 15 mm lightweight rails support with a barsadapter.
  • Weight of the matte box with filterframes: 240 grams.

What's in the box:

  • MB-215 Matte box
  • 1pc. 4"x4" filter frame (Item 0310-0001)