Base plate MKII for Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II

€ 595,00
Item code: 0350-1700

Transforms the camera into a true shoulder camera and make the camera compatible with many other support systems. The base plate MKII can be mounted to the camera after removing the original Sony shoulder pad.

Features an adjustable rubber shoulder pad, fixed rosette attachment, VCT-14 adjustment and 15 mm rails in the front and back.

Includes 1 piece Separate Dovetail plate, 1 piece Separate Flat base plate SHORT and 1 set of 15 mm rails.

The weight of this support (without rails) is 560 grams.

Note: When using the Vocas BP-18 19 mm balance plate (0480-0018) in combination with this base plate, the Flat base plate (0350-1020) is required.