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USBP-15 MKII for Arri Alexa Mini
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Full description
15 mm Universal shoulder base plate to convert the Arri Alexa Mini into a shoulder mounted camera. The USBP-15 MKII is a height adjustable shoulder baseplate with a unique quick release balancing system to find optimal balance and stability with all kind of different lenses in combination with the Arri Alexa Mini.

The USBP-15 MK II is part of the Vocas Sliding system, a revolutionary new way to mount cameras to different setups, while balancing the camera optimally. The heart of this system is the Arri Alexa Mini dovetail adapter plate (0490-0045). The plate is shaped to the ergonomics of the Arri Alexa Mini and has four attachment points to the underside of the camera, providing extra stability between the camera and the adapter plate. This allows the camera to slide on and off the various Vocas products that are bases on this mini dovetail system, like the USBP-15 MKII (0350-2200), USBP-19 MKII (0350-2205), BP-19 MKII (0480-0019) and Quick release dovetail plate (0350-2220). Next to that the Arri Alexa Mini dovetail adapter allows mounting of the original Arri cage sides.

All of these products are equiped with a quick release lever, making it possible to find optimal balance for your set-up within seconds, without using any tools. A real benefit when changing lenses a lot.
Furthermore, it’s easy to switch between 15 mm setups, 19 mm setups, drones, gimbals or any other conceivable setup that incorporates the quick release dovetail plate (0350-2220).

The height adjustable front rails of the USBP-15 MKII provide compatibility with almost any camera! Both sides of the plate are equiped with standard rosettes to mount handgrips or other standard rosette accessories. The bottom of the plate is equiped with magnets, to mount a variety of shoulder pads to multiple positions underneath the base plate. The USBP-15 MKII attaches directly to VCT-14 style quick release plates. A toolless VCT-14 rear adjustment prevents the quick release plate from having play. Fixed rear rails offer the possibility to mount any 15 mm rail accessory to the back of the camera, for instance a battery, recorder or monitor.

Optional items for the USBP-15 MKII:
- The 15 mm clamping block high for USBP-15 MKII (0350-2210) is required to use the USBP-15 MKII with any RED camera. The front rails clamping mechanism will be replaced for a higher front rails clamping mechanism to get the 15 mm rails higher.
- A shoulder pad wide (0350-2315) is available.
- The flat base plate for USBP-15 MKII (0350-2031) makes the USBP-15 MKII compatible with tripods with ENG wedge plates. Multiple 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ threaded holes are integrated on the bottom of this plate, giving options to mount any other tripod plate to this system.

Included in the box:
- Camera adapter plate (0490-0045)
- Shoulder pad standard (0350-2310)
- 2x Aluminum 15 mm rails. Length; 210 mm. (1 pc.) (0350-9210)
Additional Information
Manufacturer Vocas Systems
Rosette 2 Integrated
Shoulder pad Interchangeable, Removable, Toolless
Shoulder pad size Standard
Bars position Front , Rear
Bars system 15 mm
Height adjustable Yes
Camera mounting points 4
VCT-14 quick release compatibility Yes
Toolless VCT-14 rear adjustment Yes
Package included 0350-9210 15 mm bar (2x), 0350-2310 shoulder pad, 0490-0045 camera adapter plate
Sliding System compatible Yes
Material Aluminum
Color Black
Weight (gr.) 1,059
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