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Vocas Spider System

Vocas Spider System
2 years ago

The new Vocas Spider System will be introduced consisting of an extendable arm (0820-0010), a universal camera base (0810-0010), a shoulder brace (0830-0010), a belly brace (0830-0020) and a new rubberised handgrip (0830-0030). The extendable arm can be adjusted in length and is rotatable 360 degrees! On one end of the arm accessories can be mounted to a standard rosette.

The universal camera base is going to be the centre of the new Vocas Spider System. Up to 4 extendable arms can be mounted on the camera base. These arms can be used for the available accessories of this new system like the rubberised handgrip and the shoulder brace.

The new Vocas Spider System will be sold as a basic kit consisting of 2 extendable arms, a universal camera base, a rubberised handgrip and the shoulder brace. Of course every accessory can be bought separately. So in time, or right from the start, your new Vocas Spider System can be expanded to your wishes!

Benefits of the Vocas Spider System:

  • Modular system which can be setup exactly as you wish
  • Easy to combine without using any tools
  • Complete system for lightweight and small cameras
  • A complete easy adjustable system
  • Connection to all accessories using standard rosette
  • Strong, stable, light-weight and playless!
  • Space saving system
  • Up to four points of support!

Vocas Spider System video:

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