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Vocas Sliding System

Vocas Sliding System
3 years ago

The Vocas sliding system is a revolutionary new way to mount cameras to different setups, while balancing the camera optimally.

At the heart of this new system is the Universal camera adapter plate. This plate can be attached underneath any camera and gives the camera a dovetail connection. This allows the camera to slide on or off the various new Vocas products that are based on this dovetail system, such as the USBP-15 MKII, the BP-19 MKII and the Quick release dovetailplate.

Benefits of the Vocas Sliding System:

  • Easily find the optimal balance point for your camera without any tools.
  • Easily switch your camera between 15 mm setups, 19 mm setups, a drone, a gimbal or any other conceivable setup that incorporates the Quick release dovetail plate (0350-2220).

An overview of which cameras the USBP-15 & 19 MKII can reach can be found below.

Vocas Sliding System video:

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