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Vocas NATO concept

Vocas NATO concept
3 years ago

NATO rail is a very old system used in the weapon industry to mount telescopes and other accessories to firearms. NATO rails are very strong, durable and stable. During the process of developing accessories for the Sony PXW-FS7 camera, Vocas used the NATO system for the viewfinder bracket.

Having the NATO system in sight again, Vocas produced a complete range of NATO accessories to expand their assortment. The Vocas NATO accessories can be used to mount light panels, viewfinders, monitors, handgrips, etc. to the camera. Vocas NATO system is very light-weight but strong and stable.

Special items in the Vocas NATO concept are NATO rails ending in a rosette. In this way NATO rail can be connected to any base plate using rosettes for mounting, for example a handgrip, in a very flexible way. Another special Vocas NATO item is the double-sided NATO rail. Now a light panel and a microphone can be mounted on one NATO rail!

This new flexible NATO concept gives you so many ways to mount accessories to your setup that we can hardly mention every possibility. As an example how to use these new items we will provide you with a few common set-ups using the Vocas NATO concept!

Benefits of the Vocas Nato concept:

  • Easy to combine without using any tools
  • A complete quick release concept
  • Connection to 15 mm and rosette!
  • Double-sided rails for saving space
  • Strong, stable and light-weight
  • A complete concept!

The Vocas NATO concept allows the user to mix and match different components to create some very cool setups. We encourage you to be creative and come up with your own setups, but to start you off here are a couple examples of what is possible.

Example setup 1

For a set of fully adjustable handgrips, combine the following:

Example setup 2

For an adjustable quick release cold shoe, combine the following:

Example setup 3

For a quick release rear monitor support, combine the following:

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