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Vocas at IBC 2014

Vocas at IBC 2014
4 years ago

During the IBC show, from September 12 until 16, 2014, at the RAI in Amsterdam Vocas will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary!
Vocas will be located at the usual spot, hall 11 stand E34, with a brand new 25th Anniversary booth! Vocas invites you to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with special offers!

Vocas will also be showing their latest products and prototypes.
This year special attention goes out to the new AJA CION accessories, 19 mm universal lens support, Sony Alpha A7 compact bracket, ARRI AMIRA adapter plate and - most excitingly - a new Follow Focus!

MFC-2 follow focus

The big scoop on the brand new Vocas stand will be a new Follow Focus. Besides a highlighted prototype, several models will also be on display on different camera setups. This follow focus comes with an innovation in the form of a walnut palm support and focus knob. The technical specifications are among others, a modular design, different gear ratios (ENG, Cinema), reversible rotation direction and is highly adjustable for optimal personal comfort. (0500-3110)

Vocas accessories for AJA CION

For the latest addition to the AJA family, the CION camera, Vocas designed a complete range of new accessories which are of course displayed on our stand. On the AJA stand you will also find a complete setup using these new Vocas accessories. Displayed are a 15mm front rail support with quick release plate (VCT-14) option, a rear bracket with VCT-14 connection and optional 15mm rails and finally a top cheese plate with handgrip and viewfinder bracket.

Arri Amira adapter plate

Brand new in the Vocas product line-up is the Arri Amira adapter plate. Tailor-made to the dovetail connection of the camera, it provides the Arri Amira with a flat base! This flat base makes the use of standard tripod, standard rail supports and the high-quality Vocas peripherals possible. Using the Vocas USBP shoulder base plates provides even more benefits, such as a lower profile and even better balance. A lot of benefits by using the Vocas adapter plate on the Arri Amira!

Sony alpha A7 compact bracket

Especially for the Sony Alpha A7-series cameras, Vocas in collaboration with Sony, designed a new compact bracket. The primary goals of this design where to provide an attachment point for the Sony XLR box, to create a good grip and to safeguard the accessibility of the battery. Come and see how we succeeded in these goals!

Lens supports

Not for any specific lens but universally Vocas designed a new lens support for 19mm and updated the existing 15mm version. This makes supporting any large and heavy lens possible on a wide variety of cameras.

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