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Introducing the new Vocas accessories for the Canon EOS C200

Introducing the new Vocas accessories for the Canon EOS C200
1 years ago

Vocas developed accessories specifically for the Canon EOS C200!

The new Canon EOS C200 will be available the second week of August and Vocas already has developed accessories specifically for the Canon EOS C200 camera! Pre-order now! Do you want to see the accessories for yourself? Come visit stand 12.D56 at the IBC Show in Amsterdam, september 15 - 19. See you there! For FREE entrance at IBC 2017 register here with the guest code '3601'.

Viewfinder bracket

The original Canon viewfinder bracket is not adjustable in forward and backward direction, which is required when using the camera on shoulder. Vocas will provide a complete C200 viewfinder solution based on NATO rail, as shown in the picture below. The 15 mm viewfinder adapter (0350-1456), which fits the original Canon EOS C200 top handle directly, provides a 15 mm horizontal rod to mount any NATO accessory. The Vocas viewfinder bracket (0700-0080) which provides a rigid and stable mounting solution for the Canon EOS C200 LCD prevents the LCD from twisting. Twisting of the LCD can result in a crooked horizon of the image. An adjustable friction mechanism is integrated to tilt the LCD up and down.

Top cheese plate

The new Vocas top cheese plate (0350-1320) for the Canon EOS C200 has integrated holes for 15 mm rails. To this cheese plate, both the original C200 handgrip and the Vocas top handgrip low (0350-1405) can be mounted. A top handgrip kit for the Canon EOS C200 (0350-1120) consisting of the top cheese plate, top handgrip low and the viewfinder adapter is available as well.

Vocas Sliding System

Vocas developed a dedicated Canon EOS C200 camera adapter plate (0350-2260) with four attachment points which gives the camera more stability. The Vocas dedicated camera adapter plate provides the Canon EOS C200 compatibility with the USBP-15 MKII (0350-2200) and all the other products of the Vocas Sliding System. To make things easier we have created a special version of the USBP-15 MKII that includes this new camera adapter plate, so it is ready to go right out of the box! This USBP-15 MKII for Canon EOS C200 has item code: 0350-2202.

Cage for Canon EOS C200

Even though attached to four points underneath the camera, this improvement at the bottom of the camera is not stable enough to eliminate all play and movement. When using heavy set-ups, some extra steadiness and stability is required. Therefore Vocas has developed a light weight camera cage (0600-0050) which is connected to the Vocas top cheese plate (0350-1320) and the Vocas camera adapter plate (0350-2260) on both sides of the camera. On the operators side, a standard rosette is integrated in the cage.

Video Vocas accessories for Canon EOS C200:

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