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MBS-100 type I matte box support 15 mm
Item Code: 0350-0013


This item can't be ordered anymore and is displayed only for historical reasons. Please contact us if you have any questions about this item.

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Full description
15 mm Rail support specifically designed for ENG cameras, MBS-100 type I. Provides 15 mm LWS rail support for almost any Panasonic ENG camera. Integrated in the plate is the VCT style connection, to mount the camera directly to a VCT style tripod plate. This rail support comes standard with two sets of 15 mm rails of 143 mm and 210 mm in length.
Additional Information
Manufacturer Vocas Systems
Rosette None
Bars position Front , Rear
Bars system 15 mm
Height adjustable Yes
Package included 0350-9143 15 mm bar (2x), 0350-9210 15 mm bar (2x)
Material Aluminum
Color Black
Weight (gr.) 253
Works with

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Panasonic AK HC5000
Panasonic AG HPX300
Panasonic AK UC3000
Panasonic AG HPX370
Panasonic AG HPX600