History Vocas

Over 25 years on the set


Vocas was established in 1989 as a technical service company with a background in film. It’s initial business goal was to provide camera support based on hands-on experience.

Following the introduction of video technology as an alternative for film, there was a strong interest in servicing professional video cameras. As the technology improved during the 1990s,

video cameras became accepted as the standard technology for both broadcast and Business to Business communication. Leading companies introduced various video- and

tape-formats for both professional and consumer use.


Vocas focused on cameras and accessories for professional use. New developments, together with the requests of customers, motivated Vocas to develop a range of camera accessories

which enhanced the creative use of cameras. A niche was born under Vocas’ name.

At present, it’s all about selecting the right combination of tools for the job. Within this dynamic, continuous stream of development, Vocas aims to be a constant factor, providing product guidance,

maintenance, and customer support.

MB-210: Our first compact matte box
ZiF-100: One controller for Zoom-, Focus- & Iris
Producing and making prototypes ourselves


Quote of Vocas’ founder:  “People need to give you a chance starting a new business. The name Vocas was chosen with care. In particular, the final letter, ‘s’, which stands for Sales, Services,

and Systems development.

At a later date, these eventually became separate departments. I must have pressed all the right buttons, because after all these years it is a highly-successful company.

Vocas is highly regarded in the broadcasting- and film world as a company for developing and supporting camera technology. I have never stood in the foreground myself, but this was achieved

none the less, together with a motivated team of energetic colleagues. This still sometimes surprises me.”


Today Vocas is led with a clear Mission and Vision.


Offering high quality products at a competitive price for world wide sales leading to profitable business results.


Providing worldwide operating AV specialists of affortable products which make their job more easy.