MB-455 Mattebox
€ 1.795,00

Packed with features that protect your camera and enhance creativity, this matte box is perfect for any EFP/HD/film production.

It comes standard with two fully rotatable 5,65”x5,65” filter trays as well as one fixed 4”x5.65” tray. It also features a rigid compartment in the front end of the matte box that can house either a matte, a fourth filterframe or the new patented tilt filter unit. Three filterframes are included with the base MB-455 set.

Just like most other Vocas matte boxes, the MB-455 also includes a top-flag and externally operated patented eyebrows.

Item code: 0400-0455


  • For use with up to 5 filters (3 fully rotatable).
  • Made to fit the new filter standard 5,65"X5,65" or smaller.
  • Fits on large diameter lenses (up to 143 mm.)
  • Optional tilted filter frame.
  • Newly designed and patented flag fixation.
  • Externally operated patented eyebrows.
  • Exchangeable matte system.
  • Optional Swing away bracket for either 15 mm lightweight rails, 19 mm rails or 15 mm studio rails.
  • The MB-455 can also be used as clip-on or on 15 mm lightweight rails support and barsadapter.
  • Weight of the matte box with filterframes: 850 grams.

What's in the box:

  • MB-455 Matte box
  • Top flag medium (42 cm wide) 0430-0004
  • 1pc. Filter holder 121 mm wide 4"x5,65" 0410-0001
  • 1pc. Filter holder 150 mm wide combo 4"x4" / 4"x5,65" horizontal 0410-0002
  • 1pc. Filter holder 150 mm wide combo 5,65"x5,65" / 4"x5,65" Vertical 0410-0003

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